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We will be offering these mystery boxes in limited quantities, and each box will be labeled with a different earth designation and include completely different exclusives! Studios to get replacement copies in as soon as possible. We will provide a shipping update for the limited B cover as soon as we have an estimated arrival date from the printer. We will be shipping out the trade dress edition to anyone who ordered that alone. We are hoping to receive them for shipment in the coming days.

The Comics was started after a year-long love affair with comic books. I started reading and collecting in when I was just 9 years old. To me, comics are all about joy and hope. The great Stan Lee was an incredible source of joy and inspiration to so many, and our name is a tribute to all he and his co-creators gave the world.

variant comics store

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About The Comics.With their low print runs, amazing artwork, and elevated degree of geeky-know-how needed to find them, variants are a huge draw for collectors hunting for the hardest to find books. Sales shot up, so publishers began introducing more comic variants, adding new gimmicks each year to stand out on crowded shelves and grab few extra dollars from collectors and fans. Today, the variety of comic variants is pretty staggering. As the name suggests, Convention Variants are sold or distributed at comic book conventions with a very low number of copies printed aka: print run.

The number of copies printed by the publisher can vary greatly, ranging from a prized single issue to well into the thousands. Typically, though, you can expect Convention Variants to sit somewhere between a print run of to 1, copies. The best way to identify a Convention Variant is by finding the logo and year of the specific convention it was sold at on the front or back cover of the comic book.

Yup, you guessed it: you can find Convention Variants at… conventions. Depending on where the convention is, ask if your local comic shop LCS plans on attending. They might be able to pick you up a copy or bring back extra copies to sell in their store. Also, Convention Variants are always pre-sold by multiple eBay sellers attendees who anticipate getting copies. Keep in mind, that if they sell out or are limited, these pre-orders have a strong likelihood of being canceled.

Try using the convention abbreviations in the search first, ie. For popular titles, like Batman, the year will greatly help narrow down the results. Incentive Variants briefly mentioned above were not created for the collector in mind per se. The catch is that they have to order a specific number of the standard issue before getting the variant. That retailer would have to order 25 copies of the standard cover to qualify for a single copy of the special cover.

Retailers know that collectors want these limited covers and that they will often pay high amounts to obtain them. Their expectation is to break even on the order of the extra standard cover copies with the larger sale of that one variant cover.

As you might imagine, this method greatly increases the print run and profit for publishers.Shopping Cart. Check out these cool Mile High Comics Variant covers click on covers to order. Advanced Search. Free Shipping! Small per item surcharges apply on books and larger orders. Excludes orders containing supplies or statues.

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You can also sign up here to receive our weekly e-mail Newsletter filled with comics news, special discount codes, and free items offers. Sign up for our a OneID it only takes a few seconds to create your personal password We purchase approximatelycomics each month at conventions and via our Online Buying Program, so our inventory changes every single day.

Mile High Comics became America's Largest Comics Dealer by providing great service to over one million satisfied comics buyers since We make shopping for comics quick, fun, and easy for everyone!

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All Rights Reserved. All scans are exclusive property of Mile High Comics, Inc. TM and may not be used on other websites without prior authorization. For permission please contact Lynne MacAfee at lynne milehighcomics. Back to home page Title Search Advanced Search. Newsletter Latest Newsletter. Order Your "5 lb. Denver, CO. Back to home page.Cancellation of any orders may result in the suspension of future purchases.

From our position, understand that if a cancellation of a preorder item is made, after our orders have been placed with our distributor, then we are left with a product at our expense which is unacceptable. Please contact us prior to making any cancellations, to verify if your request for a cancellation meets the Final Cutoff Date.

Orders will begin to ship when the last item in your order has arrived at our facility. If you have preorder items in your order, the order will not ship until the last item has arrived at our facility. All comics will be bagged and boarded. Comics will be shipped in a Gemini mailer.

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variant comics store

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variant comics store

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variant comics store

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